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“The School has a unique ability to listen – to the needs of the business community, to the needs of the students, and to the needs of economic development of the region. The School of Business at PSU is on the move.”

— Ron King, President & CEO
Western Family Foods

Oregon has a long history of attracting strong individuals with a different way of doing things. From the pioneers of the Oregon Trail to the pioneers of Oregon's Silicon Forest, people are drawn to the quality of life, the scenic beauty and the fertile ground for innovation and creativity that abounds in Oregon. No wonder Money Magazine recently named Portland as a “Best Place to Live”.

The School of Business Administration (SBA) at Portland State University is a key player in the region's economic future. Located in downtown Portland in the state's economic center, the SBA is the largest business school in the Pacific Northwest, with 400 graduate and 3,000 undergraduate students studying business each year. Our traditions include a commitment to innovation and change, a student body distinguished by its professional experience and intelligence, a faculty committed to academic excellence and strong ties to the surrounding business community. See Quick Facts for more information.

We consider ourselves partners with area businesses, and continually seek joint opportunities to further enrich the livability and economic well-being of the region. Resources available to business are many, ranging from faculty research expertise and professional development courses to small business consulting and the MBA Business Project. See Industry Resources for more information.

Academically, we emphasize the link between business theory and practice, and continually develop programs that respond to the changing needs of business.  In the pioneering spirit that is found here, we have introduced MBA+, a unique educational approach for our graduate business degree students that is the first of its kind locally, regionally and nationally. MBA+ injects the development of personal and professional leadership competencies, management of innovation training, and the interface of the regional economy into the traditional business school curriculum. We have purposefully redesigned this graduate level program with more of the “soft” skills that the business world is demanding to complement the “hard” skills one typically finds in an MBA program. Our goal is to generate highly trained business leaders and professionals to meet the demands and the intricacies of conducting business in the 21st Century.  

New academic programs include the Master's of Science in Financial Analysis and MBA concentrations in Finance, International Business and the Management of Innovation and Technology. Certificates in Management of the Food Industry are now available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We also are one of only 400 business schools worldwide accredited by the prestigious Association for the Advancement of Colleges and Schools of Business (AACSB).

As my friend Ron King notes, the SBA at Portland State is indeed a “school on the move,” and I invite you to join us in our journey forward. We're located at 631 SW Harrison St., Portland, Oregon 97207. Official applications, admission and scholarship information can be found on the Student Resources web pages, or by calling the Student Services Office, Room 240, at 503-725-3712, or e-mail, or mail P.O. Box 751, Portland, Oregon 97207.

I look forward to meeting you.

Scott Dawson, Dean

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