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Graduate Business Programs at PSU

No other graduate business school program in the Pacific Northwest is as well-positioned as Portland State to educate, engage, and collaborate.

Our graduate business students, whose capabilities match those at top-ranked programs, are attracted to SBA’s urban location, its nationally recognized faculty and its integrated curriculum and specialties. Unlike any other MBA program, leadership and innovation training get the same attention as the technical core courses; here, one can master both the “soft” and the “hard” skills. Click here to see a comparison to other regional universities.

Named one of Princeton Review’s “143 Best Business Schools”*, students recognize SBA’s graduate degree program excellence:

  • …courses that “really deliver”, with “strong emphasis on teamwork and interpersonal communication and conflict-management skills” as well as “unique, off-the-beaten-path areas for investigation”…
  • …a faculty mix, with 100% of full-time graduate faculty holding doctorate degrees and pursuing research, that is “a good balance between tenured professors to teach the more academic subjects and the adjunct professors to teach topics where business experience is critical to teaching the subject”… that are “enthusiastic, animated, and passionate about their areas of expertise”…
  • …“strong ties to the business community”, being “extremely well-connected” and having “great networking events” appeal to our MBA students…
  • …Overall, “the school brings together excellent people for a great school experience.”

*Princeton Review, “143 Best Business Schools”, 2005 edition.

Graduate Business Programs Summary:

The School of Business at Portland State also participates in the other graduate programs:

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