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Programs  :  Undergraduate

Current PSU Students

Requirements: 2003-2004

Your undergraduate business degree will consist of 3 components.  You must complete the requirements for each:

  • General University requirements (PDF)
  • University Studies requirements (PDF)
  • Business requirements:
  • Pre-business requirements for SBA admission
  • 300-level core courses
  • business options & Major information
  • SBA Capstone
  • SBA Electives
  • To see requirements from previous bulletin years, please see Course Information.  Also, if you are unsure of your bulletin year, see Choosing a Bulletin Year.

    Applying to the School of Business
  • Pre-business Requirements
  • SBA Admission Deadlines
  • SBA Undergraduate Application Procedures
  • PSU Admission
  • Advising Tools
  • DARS (degree audit reporting system) report
  • Orientations & Advising
  • Requirements Checklist (PDF)
  • SBA Flowchart (PDF)
  • To get the latest on upcoming information sessions, orientations, and other such events, please visit the SBA Events Calendar.

    Other Available Business Programs
  • the 5-year master's degree in accounting and finance
  • Food Industry Management Certificate
  • International Business Studies Certificate
  • Weekend Business Program
  • Post-baccalaureate accounting certificate (pbac)
  • Business Minor
  • ad minor for graphic design majors
  • Additional Resources
  • calculating your gpa
  • undergraduate retention policy
  • Course Descriptions
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